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Limited release of 100 watches
Individually numbered from 1 to 100 engraved on the back case
Comes with a free JMT pin worth $10

Nothing makes us more nostalgic than the ‘90s, which is also when the G-Shock was on wrists everywhere. So when we were approached by the team at HIPHOPTOYS to build an authentic, customized JMT-Shock, we thought this would be a great way to pay homage to the ‘90s and time travel back to our birth year as a group way back in 1996.

Limited to 100 units and individually engraved on the backcase with numbers from 001-100, the JMT-SHOCK features the baseline rugged, tough design of the standard G-Shock DW5600 body in a sleek black/charcoal colorway with custom Jedi Mind Tricks details.

Our JMT Logo variants are featured on the watch band, across the watch face, and on the watch screen when the Light button is pressed and illuminates the face. We also engraved the JMT Stacked Logo on the back of the watch with an inscription of a tagline from one of our earliest t-shirt designs, “Music My Weapon Forged with Divine and Creative Fire.”

The watch ships in a custom, black tin with the JMT Stacked Logo printed on the lid. Included in the tin is a limited-edition JMT pin as well as a HipHopToyz keychain.

This is a unique drop in the black/charcoal colorway. Once the 100 units go, there won’t be another pressing of this colorway.

A new authentic Casio G-Shock DW-5600
Box art sticker
HipHopToys keychain
Tin display box
Casio instruction manual
International warranty card

Limit of upto 2 watches per customer.

Worldwide orders accepted.

Shipping expected in November.

Disclaimer: Our watches are shipped using FedEx or DHL from our factory in Asia, If you are notified by the courier of a local import tax duty on your watch we cannot control the amount as this as its up to your country's import duty laws and we will not be held liable for any cost involved.

Note: This watch is an original G-Shock customized by HipHopToys not in collaboration with Casio.